3 Month Gift Membership

3 Month Gift Membership

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Tea Tasting Starter Kit

The first month you will receive a starter kit with all the tools you need to do a tea tasting. The starter kit includes: 

1. A tea press for brewing 

2. Three tea samples 

3. A flavor wheel to guide your tasting 

4. Informational cards on the teas in your box

The tea samples are as follow: 

Caffeine option: Dragonwell Green, Golden Honey Black, and Blue People Oolong.

Decaf option: Rose Buds, Tropical Rooibos, and Decaf Ceylon.

Mixed option: Dragonwell Green, Tropical Rooibos, and Blue People Oolong.

The following boxes are personalized based on tea ratings and desired health benefits.


Personalized Tea Boxes

In the following months, we'll use the feedback you gave us to curate personalized tea boxes that include: 

1. Three teas, with enough for 30-50 cups every month

2. Informational cards on the teas in your box 


Subscription boxes ship on the 19th of every month.

Gift memberships do not auto-renew. Customers will receive a notice with the option to continue their membership on the last month of their gifted membership.

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