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Hi, I'm Claire. I started Tea By C in July 2018 and one of my favorite things to do is learn about tea. 

I owe my love for tea to a college professor and my experience working in his tea lab. In 2013, I started a research project on the role of trichomes in tea quality. My friends and family would tell you this is all I talked about for months.

Fast forward a few years, I took a course to become a certified tea sommelier and started a tea business. Oh, and I still enjoy conducting small home experiments on tea like seeing how the color of tea affects its flavor.

Tea is unique because among other things it is diverse, tasty, complex, historical, and cultural. I want to share that with people. I would like to create a platform where a community of people can learn and educate others on their experiences with tea. We have a lot to learn from this plant and those that drink it!

Aside from tea-related activities, my favorite things to do are cook for friends and family, learn new languages, and spend time outside.

I am excited to share what I know with you and to continue to find out what these teas reveal to the Tea By C community.

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