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Are You A Coffee Or A Tea Person?

Just like being a dog or a cat person, we like to identify as being part of an implicit coffee or tea person's club. The requirement of being part of the coffee club is that you are a highly productive caffeine-lover, while the tea club requires that you be a very healthy and relaxed hippie. I claim these stereotypes to be, not so surprisingly, far from true.


While coffee packs a stronger caffeine punch than tea, it isn't as hydrating as tea and the energizing effects can quickly spiral into jitters. Tea, on the other hand, has an amino acid called L-theanine that relaxes while promoting focus so you don't get the same jitters you would from coffee. That being said, who doesn't love a foamy cappuccino in the morning?


The truth is, there a time and place for each beverage. Coffee has built a rep for itself in US coffee shops and households and tea is following in its footsteps. Millennials are a big part of the new tea trends as they have a taste for eating out and generally enjoy fine foods (yes, this definitely includes tea). Just like wine and coffee, tea has nuance and depth to it in terms of flavor, processing techniques, and origin that make it meaningful and interesting to talk about. Even dedicated coffee drinkers are enjoying a cup of tea these days. Cheers!

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