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Blog Launch + Supporting Small Businesses

Tea By C is starting a blog! Mostly, this blog will cover educational content about tea 🍵 as well as some info about the business. I'll be accepting topic suggestions so if there's something you want to learn about (related to tea lol), email me so I can put something together! 


In this first blog post, I'm going to go over some ways to support small businesses you care about without spending any money 💰 💵 . Enjoy the read!


This week, I was one of the women featured in the Marin Magazine as part of their May theme: women leaders in sports, business, and life. This is my first big step to gaining more exposure in Marin County.


I'm in the stage of my business where I'm expanding beyond my immediate circle of friends and family (that's you!) to new audiences and potential customers. This stage is difficult for small businesses that may not have the funds to spend on paid marketing. The best ways to help the small businesses that you care about in your community are to tell your friends and family about them and share and engage with their content on social media and email. Here are three ways you can specifically help Tea By C (and perhaps these will inspire you for some of your other favorite brands):


1. Tell your friends and family about Tea By C’s gift boxes 🎁. HINT: Mother’s day is coming up and we have a Floral Bouquet that mamas everywhere will love.

2. Forward my emails and repost my social media posts! There are secret tea lovers out there in your circle of friends that may enjoy some of the content I'm publishing. 

3. Book me for a FREE tea tasting at your office or favorite yoga studio 📆. I bring samples and information on the teas to tastings so people can try and learn more about Tea By C's product.


Thank you all so much for your help since my launch in December. A lot of you have been referring friends and coworkers, bringing me to your offices for tea tastings, and reposting my content! I couldn’t have started this business without my network’s support 😘. Next stage is to grow, grow, grow! Help a lady out and keep it going 😇👙.




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