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Trick Or Tea

We're creeping up on the spookiest day of the year, which will undoubtedly be filled with haunting sounds, slinking cats, and tempting treats. These chocolate, fruit, sweet, sour, and gummy candies are tastiest when enjoyed in moderation and paired with tea. Here are some lip-smacking ways to enjoy your favorite Halloween candy with the tea in your kitchen cabinet.


Snickers or Milky Way?


Given the choice would you grab for a Snickers or a Milky Way in the candy bowl? Whether you love the crunch of peanuts in your caramel chocolate candy or prefer a smooth bite, both of these treats are delicious with pu erh tea. Pu erh is earthy and smoky and goes really well with a rich chocolate and caramel treat.


Sweet Tarts or Dots?


Do you like a small crunchy treat or a chewy gummy one? Sweet Tarts and Dots are both wonderful with white tea, although for different reasons. The sourness of Sweet Tarts brings out the grassy/hay notes of the white tea and makes for a refreshing combination. On the other hand, the fruitiness of Dots accentuates white tea's natural apricot and plum flavors. Depending on the experience you're looking for, these are both delicious combinations.


Candy Corn or Nerds?


Do you prefer Candy Corn or Nerds? Or are you an "all the above" kind of person? Both of these candies go best with oolongs that have roasted notes, like Tea By C's Yellow Zhi Oolong. Flavor-wise, Candy Corn and Nerds are fairly one dimensional and a complex roasted oolong can easily be paired with them to create a satisfying, complete flavor combination.


Kit Kat or Whoppers?

Kit Kats and Whoppers are light and milk chocolatey. These flavors go well with a malty, smooth black tea like Tea By C's Upper Namring Black or Keemun. As we've learned from English afternoon tea, black teas go well with most sweets from scones to tea time cookies, to chocolate. Kit Kats and Whoppers are both treats that have a cookie-like inside, covered in milk chocolate. Black tea and either of these candies make for a slightly crunchy, and mostly smooth afternoon snack experience.


Almond Joy or Reese's?

Almond Joys may get a bad wrap compared to Reese's but I consider them both delicious and they have one thing in common: they are nutty chocolates! The nuttiness of these chocolates harmonizes well with the almond creaminess of Dragonwell green tea. Plus, the Dragonwell brings a new grassy dimension that is truly refreshingly delicious (especially with Almond Joy's coconut shreds).


Aside from tasting wonderful, pairing your candy with tea is good because it is hydrating and it can help cut sugar cravings and the urge to grab for more. Overall, enjoy your favorite seasonal sweet treat if you can, in moderation with some tea.



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